Rain and Snow

Seems plans for flying are once again thwarted by the dismal weather. My wife has had a nice morning with her friends and come home with visions of raspberry sorbet champagne floats. Thus we shall embark into the cold gray of the day, perhaps taking the old Wrangler from the garage and venture forth on a mission of plonk and sugar.

Bernie the mountain dog has climbed onto my lap and reluctant to let me move much more than my fingers on this keyboard. Abby hides now under the spare desk. And my lovely wife sits on the office recliner with her phone and streaming texts. Better to be motivated by this mission of champagne and sugar and oh yes, better get the car payment in the mail, too.

Home later and perhaps some fit of fancy will strike me and we can talk more aviation!


Just a guy, happy with life, happy with my wife, dogs, antiques, and a passion for aviation, classic cars, and writing.

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