A little snippet to wet your whistle…From Chapter 6…

Mike and I headed downstairs and found the pub just across from the Hotel office. Sarah and Eddie were already seated at a table on the far side near the corner, an area chosen for its privacy. A pitcher of beer rested in the center with four mugs, two half full. I sat down across from Eddie, grabbed the pitcher and filled a glass for Mike, then my own.

“Cheers,” I said, bringing the glass to my lips and downing the entire contents in one long satisfying chug. Mike followed my example. Glasses empty, we poured another then topped off Eddie and Sarah.

“So,” I started, “Let’s talk about what you do know, Eddie. Like for starters, how you seem to know where we are and how we got here.”

Eddie took a swig of his beer, fidgeted on his chair a moment, then leaned onto the table, crossing his arms. He looked at all of us individually. Seemingly content, he sat back in his chair, folded his arms on his chest and began to tell us about the strangest competition anyone could ever imagine.


Just a guy, happy with life, happy with my wife, dogs, antiques, and a passion for aviation, classic cars, and writing.


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