Grand Adventures Start at Home

Today’s home alone vacation accomplishments, in no specific order. Dogs have been fed and have had plenty of time roaming about the back yard in search of squirrels, chipmunks, moles, or other fuzzy creatures that inhabit our yard. Both dogs managed a spew as well, Bernie, because he was hungry and I was late with their lunch, and Nellie out of sympathy? Hard to say, but she promptly ate if back up, smiled, and waddled back to the couch for a nap.

The new brake master cylinder is on Tilly. All lines mostly bled using the redneck method I conjured up on a whim, making good use of an old whiskey bottle. Tilly has been around the block for a quick drive, brakes feeling better, but still adjustments needed but I am leaving that for tomorrow. I have gone through two pairs of clothes today, both of which are now in the wash. The garage is in a major disarray, and again, think I’ll leave that until tomorrow to tidy up.

I did all the dishes this morning, and a load of laundry. The dishes were put away, and the laundry folded and staged ready to be put away. Or I might just wear it tomorrow and not bother with putting it back in the drawers.

It has been a peaceful and quiet day, no dramas. Taking time off, for me, is not a common occurrence unless we are traveling back to Australia. Taking time off while my wife is out of town for four days, that’s never happened in sixteen years. One might wonder why I didn’t go with her, and I suppose I have had that thought as well. When we booked her trip I don’t think we were thinking clearly, and in the end, most of my vacation will be spent home alone with the pups while she galavants about Reno with her long time best friend. And whether by design or accident, in the end, this is turning out to be a nice experience.

Now, I love my wife dearly, and was not fond of sending her off at the airport without me. Yet, its been a very long time since I have just been on my own, set my own schedule, chose to do or not do, and merely listened to the quiet. So, when I’ve felt guilty about being off work, I’ve gone online answered emails or made calls. When I felt like working on the truck, I’ve worked on the truck – which has been the largest amount of time today. When I am hungry, I eat. If I grow tired, I’ll go to bed. Watch a movie? Sure. Go on a drive? Maybe tomorrow. Fact is, it’s been nice to not interact with anyone other than the mail man who seems to think I work on cars to sell them and make money. This is quite an amusing thought. I told him I work on them so I can haul stuff from the hardware stores without the brakes failing at a red light, or when the mood strikes, I can drive the Old Chevy to work and just enjoy the countryside views. He looked at me sideways, waved a nice goodbye and good luck.

I am dead curious about what my wife is doing, what she is seeing, and the conversations she is having. But I am also so very glad she is having this adventure without me. Too often I take the work trips around the world and leave her behind. I have seen a lot of Europe this way, and truly, it’s not very fair. So now its her turn, and though its not Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, she is seeing the Reno lights, blue skies, mountains, and beautiful Lake Tahoe. She is doing what she loves, thrifting and having a great chin wag with her bestie. And from her texts, appears she did all of that in one day.

And now she is texting me the weather report from Reno, which makes me actually quite glad to be here, where its warm and I can wear shorts and t-shirts.

In short order, taking a vacation is not really about taking a trip. It’s about taking a vacation from the normal day to day routines, stress, and people. Every day I walk through the plant on my work days, I cringe at looking at the same walls and constant stressed out faces. Here, all I have to worry about is a stressed out dog, desperate to rid mankind of all squirrels. Here, I only worry about making sure I don’t leave the house a disaster for when my wife does come home.

Now, I hear the cry of beagle, and its time to let them out. Ah, Serenity.


PS – Today’s Featured Image made me think about my wife and her “bestie” tooling about in search of vintage treasures. I am sure, in their minds, this is too how they felt!




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