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The sun is beginning to cast long shadows across our back patio and yard. The breeze has picked up, and the clouds waned; but a high haze is in the sky blocking the clear blue above. A days heat has subsided, the chores have been done, the errands completed, the obligatory social duties checked off the list, and now it is time to sit back, relax, crack a cold one, and just hope that the week ahead brings new joy and excitement. Though, I very much doubt the last two points.

This past week was a bit full on, to be honest, complete with airline trips, long walks through airport terminals, many hours on the phone talking business – for that matter, many hours spent in conference rooms debating business. But all that was overshadowed by our guest, who suffered through the heat and humidity, our lousy air conditioned second floor, and somehow managed to take a shower in the guest bathroom when the shower head blocked and all but a mist sprayed out, covering the ceiling more than the occupant. I was able to take some time off work, then watched and waited by the car as my wife and her friend trundled off into various antique stores whilst I spent more time on the phone – talking business. But there was also come good quality time cussing at the old 51 Chevy Belair, searching on line for parts, and spending more money on antique autos. There was even some time to cruise the skies in a 1946 Stinson, looking down on people like pilots have been doing since the age of flight began.

But now it’s relaxation, dreading having to close the weekend, but grateful that someone finally gave us Jim Bean and Coke in a can – pre-mixed, and quite tasty. It gives me time to pause and reflect. Over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that I may have, just maybe, have bitten off more than I can swallow in projects and interests. So in effort to be more motivated, I decided to take up another, and started running to get back in shape, give me more energy, and a better mindset so that I can complete at least one of these projects before I turn eighty. I run only in the very early hours of the day, preferably before the sun rises and people start going to work. Choosing this time, I knew that in this neighborhood it was unlikely I would be seen, huffing, sweating, cursing, crying over the pain. It hurts, not going to lie. But with each day I feel myself getting a bit stronger, lasting longer, and certainly feeling more energy. A natural boost in the morning that is stronger than any cup of coffee, and makes that first cup all the more rewarding when the 2 mile treks are completed. I’ll never run a marathon, and I will hardly win the race, but if it makes me just a bit more mentally sharp, than perhaps it will be worth it in the end.

One of the best memories of this week, sorry Nikki, but it was watching the videos and seeing the photos that my niece posted from her trip to the Philippines. She lived the life of a queen for her 24th Birthday, and I couldn’t be more proud of her and her adventures. Happy Birthday, Dear Niece.

Yet of all the things this week that were good, possibly learning that I had a silent fan was the best. Someone who was wondering, “Why doesn’t he write anymore?” The message was loud and clear, and more than anything, greatly appreciated. Writing is a way to release thoughts, sometimes personal, sometimes whimsical; an escape that flexes the brain. Yet, what a motivation, reward, to know that there are mates out there, silent or vocal – fans.

I very much doubt that I will be having any fan clubs any time soon, certainly no stalker fans hiding in the trimmed bushes of the front yard, but just knowing that there are folks out there that actually do appreciate this writing makes me think I should tell everyone that does a blog, but doesn’t get a thousand likes, five hundred comments, or offers from large publishing houses that you also may have fans.

I recently discovered a lovely blog about a cattle station in the outback of Australia. The collection of writing on this blog cast beautiful stories of true life – the hard times and the good times, joy and the pain. I have no idea how many followers they have all over the world, but they should know that they have cast their written words out and the world is listening. Check them out:

For my fans, I will try to write more.


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